Mid/Senior Software Engineer (iOS)
Mid/Senior Software Engineer (iOS)
Mid/Senior Software Engineer (iOS)
Revel Systems, UAB
Mid/Senior Software Engineer (iOS)
Mid/Senior Software Engineer (iOS)

Mid/Senior Software Engineer (iOS)Revel Systems, UAB


Come and join our Elevation team! We’re delivering a high-availability application to end consumers with a focus on user experience, quality and efficiency. As a mid/senior iOS engineer, you will have direct influence on fulfilling this mission.

You will be a part of the Elevation team, which currently consists of 4 strong software developers with backgrounds in mobile development. We have been working on a highly complex project - modernizing data synchronization between iPad devices running POS applications. That essentially boils down to replacing the legacy solution of data synchronization on the local network with a new cloud-based solution that utilizes the AWS AppSync service. Therefore, we need extra bright minds who can help us tackle scalability, reliability, data integrity, accessibility, testability, and critical offline functionality within this project. Ideally, we would love to invite a mid/senior iOS developer who has also been (or has willingness to be) exposed to backend and cloud technologies as well as projects involving distributed systems throughout his/her career to join our team.


- are highly proficient and have collected years of experience working with Swift and/or Objective-C. Good knowledge of concurrency & multithreading is a huge advantage
- have knowledge of architecture, databases, testing and/or CI/CD
- are passionate about writing clean, modular and testable code
- have gained (or have a desire to gain) experience with backend, full stack development or distributed systems
- have been (or willing to be) exposed to public cloud environments. We use AWS, but any can suffice.
- are a great teammate as well as individual contributor
- practice “getting things done” attitude on a daily basis
- want to work in an Agile environment
- feel comfortable interacting with your colleagues in English every day


- Competitive salary: ranging from 3900.00 to 6900.00 € gross, depending on your skills and experience.
- Great technical challenges to solve: with the world getting more and more digitalized, POS is a trend that is here to stay.
- Flexible working conditions: feeling more comfortable working from home all the time? Perfect. - Want to be at the office 5 days a week? Fantastic. Want to combine the best of both? You are very welcome to do so. As long as you do your job and it works well with your team, we do not care where and when you do your job.
- Professional growth: free Udemy courses (all of them), yearly budgets for conferences, books, meetups to boost your development.
- Supportive cultural environment: agility, feedback culture, recognition, bottom-up tech initiatives, engineering forum.
- Private health insurance
- “You build it. You own it” attitude: you will be empowered to make a difference and introduce your own ideas
- An office with a view in Vilnius city center
- International working environment
- Profit sharing plan: we will tell you more once we get acquainted. 


Why should working on POS interest me as a developer?
Spend a minute and find out what is POS and why it offers a fair amount of technical challenges for software developers to work on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGfT7SfXDNo
Why has Revel Systems been among the best employers in Lithuania for a few years years?
Come and have a virtual office tour, and listen to what our people have to say: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLE6Q-fXWZc
What do Revel’s people do all day?
Some of us share our joys and pains with the public. Have a look: https://medium.com/revel-systems/archive


Frontend: Typescript with React, Redux, Material UI, GraphQL
Backend: Python, frameworks such as Django, Flask, GraphQL and Express.
CI/CD is the glue between Devs and Ops. To make the full use of it, we also have Terraform and GitLab CI in our toolbelt. Our infrastructure lives in the AWS cloud.
QA: Cypress, Postman/Newman, K6, pytest, Renorex, etc.