Tech Talent Attraction Specialist
Tech Talent Attraction Specialist
Tech Talent Attraction Specialist
Kilo Health - UAB Kilo grupė
Tech Talent Attraction Specialist
Tech Talent Attraction Specialist

Tech Talent Attraction SpecialistKilo Health - UAB Kilo grupė


We are looking

For a curious Tech Talent Attraction Specialist who will turn every rock to find A-list engineers. You may just be the perfect match for us if:

  • You have your knowledge of sourcing ways but are still interested in trying undiscovered paths
  • You wish to grow in the talent marketing area, collaborating with our Communications and Content teams
  • You understand the power of a network
  • You are thinking long-term – you are not here to “close” positions but rather build relationships

    Get ready to

    • Interact, connect with, and source potential candidates on social media and professional networks (e.g., Meetup, GitHub, Slack, Discord, tech communities, etc.)
    • Unlock new markets to find tech talents (Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, etc.)
    • Look for new hunting channels, search for best practices to reach those specialists that are not on Linkedin, and participate in building a community
    • Initiate talent marketing projects – own social media communication via social career networks (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, job ads, etc.)
    • Write and create content across types, candidate personas, and candidate journeys (blogs, email campaigns, etc.), then design marketing campaigns with a creative outlook to make them stand out
    • Suggest new ideas for improving candidate experience and engagement through recruitment-specific marketing

    We expect you to

    • Have at least a year of experience in tech talent sourcing
    • Have an interest in Tech-oriented topics
    • Share your knowledge working with sourcing tools and proactively discover new, creative ways of doing so
    • Have the ability to work with talent marketing, pitching new, creative ideas for talent attraction
    • Have the intention to foster your relationships with candidates, be a caring personality and bring your own network for open positions
    • Have good English skills
    • Be curious, and never kill the vibe


    Gross salary range is 1900-3100 EUR/month.


    We have plenty of amazing offices you can choose from: our awesome headquarters in Vilnius, super cool offices in Kaunas, Klaipėda and Berlin! Woke up in the morning and decided that you don’t want to go to the office? No problem! You will have an opportunity for a hybrid work model.

    Want to work completely remotely? Why not, let’s do it! Let’s make your working experience as comfortable as possible!

    Talking about perks:

    • We will spoil you! Get ready for numerous perks: a fridge full of food, frequent community events (both online and offline!), an office gym and much more.
    • Not feeling like going to the office? Work remotely from wherever you want! And we got you covered for whenever you feel office-sick – monthly taxi budget will wait.*
    • Bond with your team or just work and vacation on teambuilding and workation trips. All you need to do is choose a destination, kick back, and relax while we cover the rest.
    • Take 5 extra DAYS OFF to recharge. Use them whenever you need – no questions asked. A healthy, happy, and well-rested you is the goal.
    • After 6 months at Kilo Health, we’ll ask you to choose a plan from the company-covered private health insurance. Cover all your extra health and wellness needs on us.*
    • Get ready to create impact through progressive and innovative healthtech products with our quality over quantity mindset. Take it slower to create something better.
    • Freely initiate change, suggest new approaches, and skyrocket with exciting challenges in our fast-growing healthtech environment.
    • Get ready to roll in our easy-going, inclusive atmosphere with informal and laid-back communication. We keep it casual, so please, no suits and ties at the office.
    • If you uncover a hidden super talent while you’re with us – we’re all for it! We’ll do everything we can to support your passion and help turn it into an ultimate career change.
    • Want to polish up on your qualifications? Join the Kilo Academy to learn from our top specialists or schedule a 1-on-1 knowledge-sharing session or simply borrow a book from our extensive library. Knowledge is power, and we’re here to share it.

    *additional conditions apply based on your residence location.

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