Paid Internship (various departments)
Paid Internship (various departments)
Paid Internship (various departments)
Intrum Global Business Services
Paid Internship (various departments)
Paid Internship (various departments)

Paid Internship (various departments)Intrum Global Business Services

As a market-leading credit management company, Intrum has wide-ranging expertise in debt collection services, and we do business in 24 countries in Europe plus Latin America (Brazil). We have more than 10,000 experienced employees in our group. As a result, we have a unique geographical size and scope. With market leadership however, comes great responsibility. We see ourselves as role models within our industry and have both the opportunity and responsibility to set new standards and change the way people perceive credit management. Through ethical and sustainable business practices we want to become the true benchmark of our industry.

Intrum GBS is implementing major projects that contributes to the Global processes thus we are open more than ever to suggest you once-in-a-lifetime chance to:

  • Try out what it's like working in a fast-changing and international business environment
  • Test yourself in a real world full of business opportunities
  • Put your knowledge and experience into practice
  • Check a desired career field
  • Master professional and soft skills
  • And who knows - maybe turn the internship into full time job!

We promise you will make the most of your experience in different business areas: Scandinavian operations, finance, accounting, project management, HR and other. Say Yes, if you want to kickstart your career and we are ready to support you in this exciting journey 🤩

Salary - 750 Eur gross/month.

If you are still questioning what's in it for you while taking an internship in GBS, let's grab some coffee and talk. Just so you know - it might be in English, because this is the language that unites us globally 💜

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Apskaitininkas (-ė) 0,5 Etato
Westerwijk valdymas, UAB
€ 730 – 830
Galiojimo pabaiga: 2022.08.15
Jaunesnysis apskaitos specialistas (-ė)
EY (Ernst & Young Baltic, UAB)
€ 1400 – 2000
Galiojimo pabaiga: 2022.08.17
(Junior) Digital Marketing Manager
Deep Media Technologies
€ 1000 – 2500
Galiojimo pabaiga: 2022.08.24
Apskaitininkas (-ė)
People Link, UAB
€ 1432 – 1954
Galiojimo pabaiga: 2022.08.14
AeroTime Hub
€ 6000
Galiojimo pabaiga: 2022.08.11
Pandos, UAB
€ 1600 – 2100
Galiojimo pabaiga: 2022.08.14