Senior Data Engineer
Senior Data Engineer
Senior Data Engineer
Lietuvos geležinkeliai, AB
Senior Data Engineer
Senior Data Engineer

Senior Data EngineerLietuvos geležinkeliai, AB

Job Description


We are looking for the Senior Data Engineer to join our Data Engineering team within LTG Digital, our IT centre. We are looking for hardworking Data Engineers with eagerness to learn and deliver a large and complex Digital Transformation at LTG. As a Senior Data Engineer, you will work on strategic projects including shifting from on-premises data warehouses to Data Lakes, creating pipelines for massive IoT data streams, data migrations, process optimization etc.


Key responsibilities: 


  • Provide advice and best practices to our Azure Cloud based services
  • Develop the vision and strategy of adopting new technologies and replacing previous data storage solutions
  • Analyse Data engineering processes and lead process optimization initiatives
  • Guide junior Data Engineers
  • Designing and developing code, scripts, and data pipelines that leverage structured and unstructured data integration from multiple sources
  • Identify and analyse user requirements.
  • Write well-designed, efficient code.
  • Develop applications and keep project documentation updated
  • Ensure quality assurance and data security best practices 



  • Proven track of data solutions run in production
  • Experience with data integration, ingestion and transformation tools and techniques
  • At least 2 years’ experience with Microsoft Azure data engineering stack (Databricks, Azure Data Factory, Event Hub/IoT Hub)
  • Solid experience with SQL and Python/Scala
  • Solid understanding of current data engineering best practices and trends. Good awareness of data reporting, visualisation and dashboarding.
  • Experience with version control systems (Github/Gitlab,Azure DevOps) is highly desirable

Benefits in LTG


  • Join an inspiring and competent team in one of the biggest companies in Lithuania 
  • Exciting and challenging work that leads to further professional and career development 
  • A dynamic work environment during a period of big organizational change 
  • An opportunity to contribute to improvement of corporate activities within dynamic work environment during the period of changes
  • Daily professional challenges and an opportunity for self-realization
  • Professional development for ambitious and motivated
  • An opportunity to travel with company’s trains free of charge in the territory of Lithuania
  • An opportunity to work remotely
  • Additional health insurance

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