Job-Match Quiz

Are you curious about jobs that you are most suitable for? Are you wondering about
career paths that would bring you satisfaction?

Simply answer the following 29 multiple-choice questions concerning your
personality, preferences and attitudes in work related areas. Your answers will be
compared to the ideal answers for a wide range of job categories, providing you with a
list of jobs from those that you are most compatible with to those you probably should

The test takes only about 15 minutes to complete, and who knows, perhaps you'll find
out something about your career options that you never even considered.

Now here's your chance to find out about jobs that suit you.

Please note that none of the answers in this test describe negative characteristics.
They are all positive. However, some are more suitable for certain job types. If a
question describes a scenario that you have not experienced before, then visualize
yourself in that scenario and answer as you think you would behave or act.

We ask only one thing from you and that is that you answer honestly and take the test

Best of Luck to you from all at CV-Online and happy job hunting.
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